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Redefining "culture fit".

I’ve attended three ‘hiring for diversity’ events in the Bay area, but was still mulling over in my mind how to talk about it to others. This article helped give me another perspective--rather than trying to hire diverse people specifically (which can be vague, hard to take action on, and end up being bias-in-reverse), another way the issue of lacking diversity can be tackled is by redefining what ‘culture fit’ really means and how important it should be in the ultimate hiring decision.

From, "Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In at Work":

"First, communicate a clear and consistent idea of what the organization’s culture is (and is not) to potential employees. Second, make sure the definition of cultural fit is closely aligned with business goals...Third, create formal procedures like checklists for measuring fit, so that assessment is not left up to the eyes (and extracurriculars) of the beholder. 

Finally, consider putting concrete limits on how much fit can sway hiring. Many organizations tell interviewers what to look for but provide little guidance about how to weigh these different qualities. 

...cultural fit has become a new form of discrimination that keeps demographic and cultural diversity down, all in the name of employee enjoyment and fun."