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an inside look at how @fitbitdesign hires

UXEye hosted a fitbit design team panel event at EchoUser last night.  Naturally, I viewed this as an opportunity to practice sketchnoting again (although I need to get more creative... and use a better pen next time.)

Interestingly, they often do pair design (a product + visual), a model which I believe may have come from Cooper. 

The short of it:

  • make the navigation of your portfolio easy, and your projects accessible. Also, make a connection with someone at the company before you apply.
    • To put numbers to this: Jessie received 264 applications last weekend and looked at 81 of them, which took 2 hours. Only 5 were promising, which are the ones she passed on to the hiring manager... and 2 were referrals who had already spoken with the hiring manager.
  • the hiring team at fitbit looks for behavior fit, design skills, and experience. They may or may not look at your resume.
  • they think it's important to hire for diversity, although they didn't go into specifics concerning how they do so. (Another day, another panel maybe?)
  • they're hiring!