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It is, was, or will be Tuesday. Have a taco.

I went to @thoughtbot's Taco Tuesday, last Tuesday. What a marvelous alliterated name.

The two guest speakers were Kim Ho (@kymchiho), who is currently a product designer at Coin, and Carolann Bonner (@carolanncan) who is a designer at Segment.

Takeaways and quotes:

Kim Ho, talking about the BTS of Coin package development

  • "professional separation from your work is important for the design itself" (otherwise how else will you be able to handle design critique?)
  • "product packaging personifies the product" (because context is a huge part of any product/service experience!)
  • "designing within parameters can actually make you more creative" (and without constraints, designers would never get anything done or finished.)
  • "good design evolves... [with] needs, expectations, and culture changes"
  • I was fascinated by the incredible amount of prototyping and box dropping and vibration testing etc. that went into creating the Coin box and the customer's first-time unveiling of Coin experience.

Carolann Bonner, talking about interdisciplinary teaming

  • "understand a problem before you analyze it" (I like to think of this as redefining the problem... and/or looking underneath the underneath. Naruto fan, anyone?)
  • "[as a designer] you have to know how to facilitate conversations" (which is why I keep practicing sketchnoting. I think visual notes are more friendly and conducive to post-meeting discussions.)
  • "designers [are] really really really great at synthesizing information and communicating back to people"
  • Carolann's favorite site right now: World Science University
  • Carolann's book recommendation: Notes on the Synthesis of Form