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Christine Yeh is a multi-disciplinary designer and researcher of useful, usable product experiences. She lives and works in San Francisco.

Christine's journey in UX began in her middle school years, when she told her parents that she wanted to work at IKEA because their furniture and package design "thought about the user." She took every art and design class available in jr. high and high school, and then explored her other passions for East Asia, economics and marketing at Wellesley College

After college she was a consultant at a boutique market research firm, conducting market research and consulting for Fortune 100 companies in the credit card, insurance, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and candy industries. She moved into UX in 2014, and Christine is now a designer, researcher, mentor and writer with a strong agile/scrum background.

Christine started her career as UX Designer at TheRightMargin (TRM) in San Francisco. She played a crucial role in building the brand, conducting user research, designing the product and overseeing the user experience as the sole designer and researcher at the company. Through two product pivots and the Creative Startups accelerator, TRM grew from a desktop-only beta editor with <50 users to a robust planning and writing tool with 1800+ users by early 2017, becoming the writing tool of choice for first-time novelists, aspiring authors, academic writers and bloggers around the world. She also co-founded Writer Hangout, the largest writers community on Slack. Writer Hangout surpassed 500 users in early 2017 and is a hub for global writers of all genres.

At present, Christine leads the user research and UX design of the app developer experience at Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Christine serves as a mentor for Springboard, supporting and guiding future UX designers.

Outside of design, Christine is an avid tennis player and hobby runner. She likes cooking Korean food, hiking around SF, and visiting Utah to ski.